MassHire Franklin Hampshire Career Center announces Excellent Position (XP) a Job Search Networking Group for Professionals – Space Available Now to Join!

XP is a job search networking group for professionals in any industry sector who are seeking positions requiring specialized knowledge, advanced skills, or a college degree (Associates +). If you already have a clear professional objective with a resume prepared, and you’re committed to working diligently and consistently within a team of your peers to find a good job in your field, Excellent Position may be for you.

Based on the Job Search Work Team model developed by Orville Pierson, XP is centered around groups of 8-10 individuals who meet together weekly as a team to share your job search progress and to discuss job-hunting issues that tap the knowledge of fellow teammates. Much of the focus is on using active networking to meet the right people, get inside information on opportunities at targeted employers, and ultimately become known to decision makers who need a person like you for their next opening. As a member of an XP team, you’ll need to be committed to 20-25 hours per week of active job search activity including:

  • Attending a two-hour weekly meeting
  • Extensive research and interaction with others to identify targeted employers and contacts within those employers.
  • Participate and commit to the program until you land a job.
  • Provide some support to your teammates outside of the meeting time if needed.

XP is a very intensive experience, but it’s designed that way because the Job Search Work Team approach has been proven to result in members landing jobs 20% faster than solo job hunters.

XP is free and open to all professional customers of the MassHire Franklin-Hampshire Career Center.  Due to COVID-19, initial meetings will rely on Webinars and other tools, with plans to shift to in-person meetings when that becomes possible.

XP responds to the particular needs of unemployed professional workers and is designed to supply structure, discipline, and team support to keep your self-powered job search moving forward.  XP does not provide individualized career counseling, training, or job referrals, so it’s not the best place to begin if you are not sure of the type of work you want to pursue, or if you need to upgrade your skills to be competitive in the job marketplace.   For help with these and needs, please see our website or contact Career Center staff to learn more about our other employment and training programs.

JSWT Information and Application Packet (PDF for printing)

JSWT Information and Application Packet (PDF for digital fill and sign)

The application form can also be completed digitally using the web form below.