Career Center Testimonials

Headshot of Neil Toomey

“After 17 years of employment at one company, I – not by my own choice – suddenly found myself unemployed and facing the daunting task of searching for a job. My emotional state nearly five months later is one of positivity, but this was not the case earlier in my evolution as a job seeker. I experienced a range of emotions ranging from denial to anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. This process was not linear though, I bounced back and forth with overlapping feelings that move towards greater acceptance even as I type this testimonial.

I jumped through all the hoops with unemployment and finally got an approved claim. What next though? How do I proceed? Once I was established with the Department of Unemployment Assistance, I was introduced to MassHire. I thought, oh great, a bunch more hoops to jump through and boxes to check. Well, maybe a few, but not all is as it seems.

MassHire instead became a central place of guidance for me. I met great people who were skilled and more than willing to help me throughout my path to reemployment. From the career counselors to the training advisors and workshop facilitators and some who wore all the hats. I always felt welcome and supported. Even if you are a seasoned job seeker, the guidance you receive, whether one-on-one or through the many workshops across the state is invaluable. I always took away something useful from every interaction and workshop. With MassHire as a partner I became a better job seeker and person, resulting in more interviews and job possibilities than I would have imagined when I started my journey to reemployment.”

- Neil, Belchertown, MA

“I appreciate all that you and you staff do. Thank you for helping me and relieving a lot of stress that comes with being unemployed.”

- Anonymous

“This position starts at $55,000 and I negotiated them up to $70,000 and some of that was not settling, and not applying for other positions that were below what I value myself. These were things I remember hearing through you or from your colleagues. This really helped me stick to finding that managers role.

The benefits helped so much getting through the transition and I thank you for that. It was a pleasure to meet you and appreciate your help…even though I found a job I wish I could still attend the workshops as they are very helpful.”

- Anonymous

“I set out on a personal journey to change my career path and I contacted my local Mass Hire office for support and this was the best decision I made. Right away a Career Counselor, Beverley responded and we set up a meeting to discuss my goals and needs. I was able to attend a Resume writing and interview class and received tremendous support with proof reading and editing my documents. Mass Hire helped me build my confidence and become more current with the interviewing process. I am pleased to say that I was successful in my career path.

- Abigail