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What is The Gig Economy?

The Gig Economy describes the increasing trend of people working as independent contractors or self-employed individuals rather than traditional employees.  Gig workers frequently engage in short term jobs, working on a project-by-project or client-by-client basis.  Services are often marketed on the web or app-based platforms.   Commonly known examples include ride-sharing services such as Uber or Lyft or household chore services like TaskRabbit.

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Benefits of Gig Work:  Flexibility, greater independence, follow your passion, variety, pay, shorter commitments, work from home opportunities.

Challenges of Gig Work:  Need to be self-motivated, no benefits, likely will need to pay self-employment taxes, isolation or lack of social connection to coworkers, unexpected expenses, often part-time or temporary work.

Avoiding Scams:  Warning signs:

  • A job ad claims that no skill or experience is required for contract work
  • Offers high pay for little or no work
  • A company promises a surefire business opportunity that will pay off quickly and easily
  • You are required to pay up front for training, certifications, directories, or materials


Learn more resources about avoiding scams, check here:

Examples of Careers That Are Often Remote Jobs

Arts and design. Many occupations in this group, including musicians, graphic designers, and craft and fine artists, offer specific one-time services or customized products, which makes them good candidates for gig work.

Computer and information technology. Web developers, software developers, and computer programmers are among the occupations in this group in which workers might be hired to complete a single job, such as to create a small-business website or a new type of software.

Construction and extraction. Carpenters, painters, and other construction workers frequently take on individual projects of short duration, a hallmark of gig jobs.

Media and communications. The services of technical writers, interpreters and translators, photographers, and others in this group are often project-based and easy to deliver electronically, fueling a market for gig workers.

Transportation and material moving. Ridesharing apps have helped to create opportunities for workers who provide transportation to passengers as needed, and on-demand shopping services have led to gig jobs for delivery drivers.”


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Tips for finding Remote jobs on your favorite job search sites

Try using keyword searches:

  • remote
  • work from home
  • virtual
  • telecommute
  • virtual

Other Resources for Working Remotely, Gig Work, or Self-Employed

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) has many resources for people looking to start a business. These resources include articles, video tutorials, networking events, and small-business loans. To find an office near you, visit or contact

Another source of self-employment information is SCORE. This nonprofit organization offers free information and services, including workshops, individualized mentoring, networking events, and articles about a variety of business topics. Some articles are also available in Spanish. Call toll free, 1 (800) 634-0245, or visit

Freelancers can find some important services through the Freelancers Union. The union’s free membership provides access to health, dental, life, disability, and liability insurance; a 401(k) retirement plan; and corporate discounts. It also hosts a client scoreboard and contract creator tool. To contact the union, call toll free, 1 (800) 856-9981, or visit

For tax help, contact SBA or SCORE—or visit the Internal Revenue Service’s online tax center.”

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Tips for finding Remote jobs

Tips For Working Remotely

Gig job portals – Gig jobs on Indeed

Driving jobs

Uber –
Lyft –
DoorDash –
Instacart  –

Other Gig Job platforms

Flexjobs – CEO to customer service variety (some cost involved)
Etsy – artists and creative entrepreneurs (some cost involved)
xiom – global law
BTG (Business Talent Group) – senior executives
Catalant – Business experts
Topcoder – design/technology
Upwork – various professional services
LinkedIn – ProFinder – various professional services
Global|99designs for designers and artists for senior caretakers, tutors, petsitters, housekeepers
Fancy Hands for virtual assistant positions
Fiverr is a marketplace for digital services
Freelance Writing Jobs for freelance writers getting started
Freelance for technical, professional and creatives
TaskRabbit is for odd-jobs and errands
UserTesting give feedback on apps, websites, products, etc.

Computer Programming related:

Learn More About the Gig Economy (64 page study from July 2017)
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